Our story

Over the years I have learned that the extent to which you achieve your wishes and dreams has a lot to do with your own perseverance and resilience. But it is certainly crucial who you meet on your path. The extent to which you can combine your energy to achieve your goals makes a significant difference in your success story. By entering into a dialogue with an alert and experienced discussion partner, you become more aware of your own talents and abilities.
But it is especially important that you map out your priorities and focus. I can help you with that, no matter how small or big your question is.
You do business because you have grown in it due to circumstances, but that often arises from your own personal choice and drive. However, doing business also includes guidelines and regulations from the government and thus administrative obligations; 

a concern that you really don't want. I can take that worry off your hands. In the profit and non-profit sectors, I have gained very broad knowledge and experience as a manager and financial expert for more than 20 years. I have also become aware that I can effectively get things done by helping people and parties in the desired direction with a focus on connection, technology and quality. With this awareness, I created Simpercent in 2013 to help you as an entrepreneur; not as an average but a progressive administration office, a social business partner with a total package of services that meets your needs. Affordable, but above all it pays for itself. This way you always remain in charge.

And important to mention….no challenge is too big; that will be our story.

Our team


Hluodowic IR Pieterszo

Master Degree In Business Administration, financial and NLP specialist


You are not an ordinary customer with us; 
you are part of the team and it is always your turn to act


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