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2023-05-01 08:11:35
Buying a motorcycle on the business

Buy a motorcycle at the business? Yes you can, but be careful.

You must demonstrate business use of your motorcycle; so it must be well defensible. Of course, the tax authorities do not want to contribute to your hobby!

An explanation for business use may lie in the fact that you can reach customers faster because you are less bothered by traffic jams. But are you, for example, a handyman as a profession then a business usage is not easily defensible. How do you transport your tools for example?

Unlike a company car, you do not have to report the private use of a company motorcycle to the tax authorities. There is no addition for a motorcycle.

If you classify the purchase of your motorcycle as business use, then the purchase and use costs are recognized as expenses in your company. A correction must then be made for the actual private use. For this you need to keep track of how many private kilometers and how many total kilometers you drive with the motorcycle on an annual basis. The ratio between private and total kilometers is the ratio for the part of the costs and VAT that must be corrected. Costs and VAT of private kilometers are therefore not eligible for deduction. The ratio of the costs and the VAT related to the business use of the motorcycle are then deductible in your company.


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